It has been said, “If you never quit, you will not fail.” Many answers to our prayers would have come if we had not quit just before God answered. It also has been said that . . . “never despair, but if you do, work on in despair”. Taking our hands off the plow that God has given us may be one of the greatest problems we face as Christians. These sermons attack this weakness, Biblically, from many an angle.

Date Sermon Title Listen Watch
Oct. 7, 2018 The Honor of Dying for Jesus, John 21:19 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
Aug. 5, 2018 What Kind of Manager Are You? 1 Peter 4:10 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
July 22, 2018 Great Is Thy Faithfulness, Lamentations 3:21-26 (Tom Crichton) LISTEN WATCH
Feb.19, 2017 Never Say Never, Mat. 26:31-35 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
July 10, 2016 How You Can Have It All, Numbers 12:7 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
Dec. 6, 2015 Miracle Space III, Romans 4:16-20 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
June 14, 2015 Walking Naked in Heaven, Rev. 16:15 & 19:8 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
June 29, 2014 It's Not What You Do For God, But What You Do With God, Numbes 3:17 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
April 29, 2012 The Ineffectiveness of Signs and Wonders, Numbers 14:11 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN