The word inspiration really means . . . God breathed. If the Bible is not the God breathed book that we think and believe it is, we should all do something else. There are many different witnesses to the truth of inspiration. Through 37 years of Bible study, I have plowed the fields of God's book looking for seeds of truth on inspiration. Come and see for yourself.

Date Sermon Title Listen Watch
Feb. 23, 2020 We Are People Of The Book Part III, Luke 2:10 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
Jan. 5, 2019 We Are People Of The Book, Hebrews 4:12-13 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
Nov. 4, 2018 How Important is Believing in Creation? Genesis 1:1 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
Sept. 23, 2018 They Understood The Word of God, Nehemiah 8:4-12 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
Apr. 15, 2018 Changing The Status Quo, Judges 2:6-10 (Youth Director Chris Barrows) LISTEN WATCH
Dec. 11, 2016 Do You Really Believe The Bible? Isa. 45:5-7,9,12,22 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
June 5, 2016 Twisting The Scriptures, 2 Pet. 1:20 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
Dec. 11, 2011 The Real Issue Is The Bible, Jude 1:3 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN  
Sep. 25, 2011 Faith Comes By The Word Of God, Romans 10:8-17 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN