Tears Now, Rejoice Later

This life is all about the next one. Christians are other world minded and have a far away gaze in their eyes. Often to keep us in the other world mode, God must bring pain in this world. He keeps reminding us of this world's short life and the other's endless one. In these messages, I mine the concept of this process, and jointly share how God has taught me some very painful, but necessary lessons.

Date Sermon Title Listen Watch
Jan.29, 2017 How To Make Good Decisions In 2017, Ruth 1:1-5 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
March 27, 2016 How Did Paul Sustain Himself Through the Horrors He Suffered? Acts 27:23–25 (Pastor Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
June 14, 2015 What Death Will You Glorify God With?, John 21:15-19 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH
April 19, 2015 Where Has "Remorse" Gone? Numbers 1-15 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN WATCH