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Date Sermon Title Listen    Watch Share Category
Oct. 14, 2018 The Last 7 Requests of Jesus, John 17 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN     WATCH Share Jesus
Oct. 14, 2018 The Autopsy of Apostasy, 2 Chronicles 36:11-23 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN     WATCH Share Warning
Oct. 7, 2018 The Tangible vs The Intangible, 1 Kings 20:10,11 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN     WATCH Share Problem Solving
Oct. 7, 2018 The Honor of Dying for Jesus, John 21:19 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN     WATCH Share Faithfulness
Sept. 30, 2018 The Autopsy Of A Dead Church, Revelation 3:1-6 (Pastor Marty Moon) LISTEN     WATCH Share Warning
Sept. 30, 2018 Catching Christ Greatest Lesson On Soul Winning, Mark 4:35-5:20 (Daniel Grant) LISTEN     WATCH Share Evangelism
Sept. 23, 2018 They Understood The Word of God, Nehemiah 8:4-12 (Pastor Bill Lytell) LISTEN     WATCH Share Inspiration
Sept. 23, 2018 Approving Ourselves As The Ministers Of God, 2 Corinthians 6:4 (Dr. Jim Binney) LISTEN     WATCH Share Don't Quit

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The Death Throes

Pastor Lytell, June 10, 2012

Pastor Bill Lytell

Have you ever wondered if Homosexuality is genetic? Have you been told “I was just born this way”? Does the Bible support these views? Listen to Pastor Lytell explain what God clearly says about it.


The Five False Tenets of Calvinism

Dr. Bob Shelton, October 9, 2011

Pastor Bill Lytell

This message exposes the false teachings of Calvinism.


12 Sermons to knock your socks off

Pastor Bill Lytell

Pastor Bill Lytell

Listen to 12 of the top sermons preached by Pastor Bill Lytell through the years.


The Problem of prosperity

David Gibbs, Jr., December 7, 2008

Pastor Bill Lytell

“Simply the best message of 'Prosperity' that I have ever heard”–Pastor Bill Lytell